Most people do their research and look at the weather forecast before booking a beach hut. Some people book quite far in advance, especially for busy periods, and so take a chance on the weather being good.

But we all get caught out by the weather forecast changing sometimes and having a beach hut to huddle up in on a cloudy or rainy day means you can still have lots of fun!

When you book a beach hut our terms and conditions say that we cannot move your booking to another date even when it’s wet weather, but there are ways to make the best of a soggy day at the beach.


Shark’s teeth, sea glass and shells.
Walton is well known for its fossils and shark’s teeth are easier to find if there are less people about. Sift through a patch of shingle with your fingers until you spot one. There’s plenty of pretty sea glass to find too and it comes in a range of colours. If you find yellow sea glass you’re doing really well as it’s so rare! If you’re feeling crafty you can take it home and turn it into sea glass jewellery.

Sitting inside the hut watching the rain is really relaxing. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on all that reading you have meant to do but never got around to. If you forget to bring a book or magazine, there are loads of online versions – many of which are free – that can be downloaded to your phone.

Play a game.
Our huts come equipped with colouring books and pencils and a pack of playing cards. In the information folder in the hut there are instructions for several simple card games suitable for all ages. Go Fish anyone?

Build a sandcastle.
Walton is in the driest part of England so we get the least rain in the country (which is not so great for the gardens!). It also means days of heavy rain are infrequent and what we tend to get is showers. In between you can take a bucket and spade from the hut and build an impressive castle  – don’t forget to take a picture!

Perfect your photography.
Moody skies over the sea make for amazing photographs. Fill your Insta feed with looming clouds and dramatic waves.

Cook up a storm!
All our huts have a gas stove with a frying pan and saucepan.  Conjure up a delicious stir fry, hot dogs, a simple pasta dish or a  big fat bacon sandwich. We provide our guests with tea, coffee and biscuits but you could bring some hot chocolate and marshmallows to make it really cosy.

If you’re crafty bring your supplies with you. For children, playdough and plasticine are great crafts to occupy them in a hut. For the grown ups there’s endless choices but I’m particularly fond of crocheting rainbow colours in a hut on a grey day.

Can your children write a poem about the sea? You could write a letter, email or postcard to someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Create a photo book.
Take lots of photos and turn them into a photo book online. Make sure to capture all the details – you might be surprised at how much wildlife your get to see. Seals quite often make an appearance along the coastline. It’ll still be a memorable day.

Embrace the rain!
Bring macs and wellies to stomp about in puddles!